What is a social enterprise tech startup?

Startups are about creating companies often to solve social and environmental problems, right? Well then social enterprises may have a lot in common with many tech startups. A social enterprise is an organisation that uses innovative business strategies and models with one goal in mind: create positive social or environmental impact alongside their financial gain.  So South Africa startup business awards can be equally applicable to social enterprise tech startups too.

However, our brief discussion will focus on what makes a company a social enterprise technology startup because this combination combines two of our favourite things at Next Disruptor! What does it take to make both these different organisation types work together? In short, you need well-rounded individuals who have experience from each field working toward shared goals. Like any good relationship between people (or businesses) there needs to be trust involved for social enterprise tech startups to work well and live up to their full potential. Trust in the social impact of what these companies are doing, trust in their business skills, and most importantly trust that it all will be done correctly. This trust is a two-way street, social enterprise tech startups need a strong foundation for this relationship between all stakeholders to work well.

Our South Africa entrepreneur competition therefore is open to social enterprise startups too, not just conventional tech startup businesses.

At Next Disruptor (South Africa) we are keen to elicit applications to our social enterprise tech startup competition from South African entrepreneurs in the social enterprise niche!