Benefits of the Next Disruptor Competition

Why take part in the Next Disruptor Competition and win 8 weeks of app / web / software development? Well, hopefully you can see some benefits to this but here are a few points to consider:

  • speed… being an entrepreneur often means you have to do everything yourself which means you get dragged in lots of different directions and this saps your energy and slows you down. Being able to delegate the development side of your responsibilities to a competent team is a real boon and speeds the launch process up massively.
  • increased chances of success… leveraging the technical competences of a trusted development team and launching in a compressed timescale markedly reduces the risk of project failure
  • strong market entrance… if you are developing an launch at apace, rather than slowly on a shoestring, then this makes it difficult for potential competitors to work out what’s happening and to overtake you in the market – at best, they will be playing catch up.
  • credibility… to win the Next Disruptor Competition is an achievement in its own right. We receive lots of entries from startups with great business ideas so for you to win means that we think your business ideas has the best chance of succeeding. For a competent development team to judge your business idea in this way AND to put their money (ok, time) where their mouth is is a tremendous achievement.
  • easier to get funding / investment… investors tend to take comfort from a startup having a talented and invested technical partner on board. This increases the chances of success and means the investor are more likely to receive higher returns on their money in a shorter time frame.
  • common goal… in a traditional customer / supplier relationship developers do some work, invoice and chase payment. Developers in this context are typically not directly interested in the out come of their work (i.e. the success of your business). Our having a share in your business and not charging for the intensive 10 weeks of development means that we are all pointing in the same direction, we have the exact same goal i.e. successful launch, because if that is not achieved then nobody gets paid!
  • increased funds for marketing… startups have business expenses from various different directions and this is all happening often when income is nil and available funds are low. This means that properly funding development AND the necessary marketing that follows can be a real problem. Effectively reducing the development costs for launch to zero means that you have additional / unplanned budget to allocate to marketing. This will help you grow quicker.
  • reliability… if you outsource development to a freelancer then if they get distracted by another project or go on holiday then your progress stops – you are not in control! Having access to a team of developers means that you are never left in the lurch.
  • right skills at the right time… most projects require a development team rather than being able to be done by any one individual i.e. different technical skills are needed at different times, everything from server setup to database design, to web coding to app development etc. These skills and responsibilities typically fall to different people as it is difficult / impossible for any one person to be highly skilled in all the required areas. Having a development team on board means that development hiccups and road blocks, that would otherwise hinder your project, are averted. Progress is coordinated and smooth rather than bouncing chaotically from one problem to another.

Given all those pluses why not enter your business idea to the Next Disruptor competition?